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About me

Hello! I'm Milan, 17 years old and currently studying in a German Gymnasium with the main subjects Computer Sciences and Mathematics. My hobbies include playing the piano, programming for voluntary projects and hacking in its original sense.

Since some time I've been doing web development with VanillaJS, NodeJS and sometimes frameworks like MeteorJS or AngularJS. I have a rather special and minimalistic taste in music and esthetics.


Feel free to drop me a message on one of the following channels:


You can find most of my programming projects on my self-hosted git including Space-Mate, a Mate-Pad written with Meteor, stdplan, a timetable viewer for my school and some minor and mostly inactive projects.

Some of my main projects are also hosted on Github including HopGlass and HopGlass Server which are used by a big part of the Freifunk communities.